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people saying negative things about a character you love that aren’t even constructive criticisms of their character or valid points and are just pointlessly and immaturely rude


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  • Veneziano:

    You always have that urge to smile and to be happy, no matter what happens and no matter who you're around. If something sad or scary happens, you'll cry, but you just need someone else to be there for a little while, and you'll be smiling again in no time. But, when you're alone, that's the time when you can let your guard down and let your smile disappear. Because, even though you hate to admit it, it's a mask, more than some of the time.

  • Germany:

    Emotions are difficult to express in just the right way. If you want to express yourself or say how you feel, it's incredibly hard to do so. However, that doesn't mean the feelings don't exist. They're there; they just need a lot of coaxing to come out. And usually, that coaxing comes from your closest friends and most trusted people.

  • Japan:

    If you've spent so much time alone and isolated, it's hard to get back together and associated with society. People can come off as being intimidating or overly-affectionate or whatever, but in the end, they all mean well - it just takes time for you to realize this. But maybe, just maybe, it's crossed your mind that they might be the normal ones, and you might be the different one.

  • France:

    Despite the fact that pasts are almost never pretty, especially yours, and also despite the fact that you've lost so much, and hurt so much back then, you still know that, since you're still here, and since you're constantly surrounded by those you care most about, you should keep a positive attitude and a smile on your face. Because, even though you didn't believe it at first, it really does help. But smiles also can't solve everything, because sometimes all they seem to lead to are misty-eyes and aching hearts.

  • America:

    Just because you're excited and full of energy doesn't make you immature or stupid. Just because you smile and laugh too much or too loudly doesn't mean you always feel that way. Just because you don't portray negative emotions very often doesn't mean they don't exist. And just because you love to have fun and act childish doesn't mean you are a kid - it just means you wish you could be one again.

  • England:

    Having and keeping friends close is difficult, but it's something we all strive for, deep down. Even if you seem cold and uncaring sometimes, other times, it's a cry for attention that we're too self-conscious to ask for. It's alright to feel that way, whether we like to think that or not. "I've lost so many people already, it's not likely you'll keep any now" is your mindset sometimes, which can lead to even more sadness and desire for attention.

  • China:

    Knowledge doesn't always lead to happiness or glory. It leads to further knowledge, which can help support you and build you up, but it can't actually give you the same happiness that other things would, such as other people, other things, or other sensations that cannot be reached or accomplished or acquired by simply being wise and knowing. And just because you're wise doesn't mean you can't find joy in the simpler things life has to offer.

  • Russia:

    Outer appearances say a lot about us as first impressions. However, once the initial impressions are gone, sometimes the outer appearance can reveal more than was first expected. Someone intimidating can be soft, someone soft can be intimidating, etc. First impressions should never be the ones you form your opinions on.

  • Canada:

    Even the quiet ones can have something to say. And it's usually those who have the very best and very most life-changing ideas. They cause revolutions, they cause changes for the better, they can improve the earth around them, but they're also stuck inside their little heads, waiting patiently for a chance to slip out. But they don't deserve to be ignored. The quietest ones have the loudest thoughts.

  • Romano:

    Jealousy is an everyday thing, it's normal. However, in excess and over time, it starts to eat away at your skills and your motivation and your spirit and your happiness. Everybody seems better than you, more talented than you, more important and more needed than you, and you feel like nothing but a third wheel, tucked away in a corner. But in all reality, there are those people who see past your flaws (which aren't really that bad, once you think about it) and who can see straight through your eyes and into your soul. And in there resides something pure. Someone that just wants to be appreciated and who wants to excel and who wants to never, ever be compared to anyone else. Failure is more than just a fear.

  • Spain:

    Happiness is something that's important to you, but not because you want to be happy yourself. If you're happy, and you show someone that you're happy, then hopefully it can spread, and create more happiness around you. Other people's happiness gives you strength, makes you tick, helps you thrive. And as long as you can start that cycle, you're satisfied. However, there are those days where happiness simply won't come, but all those people you've helped to smile? They always come back and help you to smile again. Happiness is a circle; a circle that can spread around the whole world and back. You've just gotta start to draw that circle. The world will finish it.

  • Prussia:

    Your life is dependent on other people, as much as you hate to admit it. Being alone is out of the question. Other people need to be there, for you to annoy and for you to laugh with and for you to sulk with, etc. Even if you're not fond of that person, or those people, it's better to be around people you hate than nobody at all. And you know, because you've been all alone before, and it hurts. It hurts more than anything. So, though they may not realize it (or may ignore it altogether), your friends, as well as your enemies, mean the world to you, and you'd never, ever give them up.

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"Taga Tame no Sekai" means "A World For Someone"

Lyrics (translation)

Drifting about the sea in the forest
Is a trembling little boat full of sadness
Wandering with the spirits
In a serene, momentary silence

Drops of time trickle along the leaves and branches
They shiver and fall with the innocent prayers
Even if what’s reflected in the mirror of water
Is the indestructable wheel of sadness

Everyone gets hurt, and burdened with the pain
They hurt someone else and immediately retreat
But even if the violent, cruel wind sweeps over you more
The feelings you won’t surrender are hidden in your heart

When the amber butterfly tinged with lapis
Drifts to the sand dune of darkness
The kotodama of past days
Will be carried on its wings as it flutters away

Although your keys are rusty and rotten
As long as you hold on to a single ray of hope
You must protect your treasures
Before your affection turns into a crime

Break open the door of grief and advance
If this is a world made for someone
The mighty, transient, and gentle truth and lies
And betrayals and sins, accept them all

O those who live a sorrowful fate
And those who fight against the pendulum of ruin
Someday, one day when you look up at the sky
May the sound of peace resound…

Contradictory tears are like the silver spray of waves
If this is a world made for someone
Because the outlines of the dreams of far, distant days
Are clear even now, and simply exist here

Everyone gets hurt, and burdened with the pain
They hurt someone else and immediately retreat
But even if the violent, cruel wind sweeps over you more
The feelings you won’t surrender are hidden in your heart

  • Track: 誰ガ為ノ世界 Ta ga Tame no Sekai
  • Artist: Shikata Akiko (Compositor) Isotani Yoshie (Lyrics)
  • Album: OVA3 Sekai Tougou-hen ED Tales of Symphonia
  • Plays: 139